The Good News of Christmas -

The good news of Christmas is that because of the Incarnation (God becoming man) and the subsequent Crucifixion and Resurrection there is no longer a vast chasm that separates us from God.  In the humility and condescension of God becoming man He invites us to join His household.  For those who trust in Jesus Christ they become participants in God’s own family.  He makes them His own.  He gives them His name.  He declares them ‘mine.'  Because of Christmas God transforms slaves into sons.  He takes the rebellious and the law-breaker and makes of them sons and daughters by writing His name upon them and adopting them into His household.  And then He changes them by giving them His Spirit to transform them from once stubborn enemies to glad and obedient children.  It doesn’t happen all at once, but it does happen.  And in this they cry out to God not as judge, but as Father. He wraps them in robes of righteousness and clothes them with the pleasing obedience of His dear Son.  They become an heir of God Himself.  This is the incredible…even indescribable good news of Christmas!


Advent 2014

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