A Mother’s Day Note to Two Mothers I’ve Never Met –

This Mother’s Day I’ve been reminded of two special women I’ve never met.  These are women that have made incredible sacrifice and endured profound difficulty and suffering for the good of others.  They have counted the welfare of their children more important than their own convenience.  They have loved at great cost to themselves.   They endured temporary shame for long-term good.  They have done the heroic when a myriad of voices have counseled otherwise.  They resisted the opposing tide and pressed forward knowing what they were doing was far better.

These women have not been forgotten.  Our family often thinks of them and prays for them.  Because of their sacrifices our lives have been richer and our family has been blessed beyond measure.  In truth, I cannot imagine what our lives would look like without them.

As very young and unmarried women these two mothers placed their babies for adoption...one a chubby and sweet little boy, and the other a beautiful little girl with amazing hair.  In their commitment to life and their desire for something better these two young women gave something of immeasurable value to us.  

Each time we became adoptive parents we've wept.  We wept both for our joy and for their sorrow.  We knew that our gladness would be had at each mother’s loss.  We knew that they would never forget their child and that we would be the long-term beneficiaries of their sacrifice and pain.  What they sowed in tears, we reaped in joy.  They were making investments in a future they would likely never see.

This Mother’s Day I’m glad to honor these two brave and selfless women.  They have done the unimaginably difficult thing and are worthy of utmost respect.  I am deeply humbled by them and in many ways consider myself unworthy of their precious gifts, and at the same time I am increasingly grateful for what they’ve done. 

The chubby little boy isn't chubby any more, but he's still as sweet.  The little girl is now stunningly beautiful and her hair is still amazing.  These two mothers would be pleased at who their babies have become.  Their investments have paid rich dividends.

Thank you, and God bless these two mothers I have never met.


Mother's Day 2014


  1. This is beautiful Dan..You made your momma cry...We are all incredibly blessed by these two woman...

  2. Oh, my gosh, Dan. What beautiful words you have written about these two mothers. And how grateful we in your family are to have been the beneficiaries of their gifts and knowing these beautiful children as they have grown into young adults. You made your Aunt cry too.