The Silence of the Lambs -

The Silence of the Lambs –

Controversy…the truth is...very few of us enjoy it.  We would much rather fly under the radar than become a target.  And yet somehow along the way we have convinced ourselves that silence is better than speaking.  We’ve convinced ourselves that many Christians are brash and unwise in what they say, while at the same time we’ve convinced ourselves that it is best to say nothing at all.  In our minds to speak about any number of sinful behaviors in a public venue is uncharitable and un-Christian and certainly not 'grace-filled.'  After all, to speak is to voice an opinion, and to voice an opinion…well, these days...it’s just not the 'Christian' thing to do.

I’m particularly intrigued by the Apostle Paul’s approach.  I find it curious that his ‘I’m not ashamed…’ of Romans 1:16 is followed by a list behaviors that God condemns in Romans 1:18 and following. Perhaps Paul knew something about the correlation of shame and not speaking up...both for the power of the gospel to save, and for a world at odds against God himself.  This is a strange environment we live in where we’ve somehow decided that we want to be faithful to give the good news of the gospel without telling anyone why they need it.

In some instances silence may be golden, but silence is not the gospel way, nor is silence Christ’s way.  Jesus could have adopted a ‘go along to get along’ mantra and saved himself much grief, and he likely could have saved himself the cross. However, declaration and proclamation are to be part and parcel of the Christian life.  We are to declare that a real Jesus saves from real sins and in this declaration we must not be ashamed.  We must be willing to speak because the future depends not only upon the efficacy of God’s Lamb, but also the unashamed words of our testimony  (Rev. 12:11).


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  1. So well said, I do struggle with the imposition of morals by us as believers in the word of God and it's call to holiness laid out for those who truly trust in Christ upon a non believing world who could justly, without blame, do as they please. Of which after all we all once were and at times often still as Christians transgress, just ask my family. What is most grieving to God, unbelievers (of which we justly endure mockery that we blindly endure such abuse) and believers alike is when the silence of the lambs occurs at the hands of the so called shepherds of the flock with impunity. Appreciate open discussion about truth.