You Must be Born Again

Do not marvel that I said to you, 'You must be born again.' 

- Jesus to Nicodemus in John 3:7

My search plies the dark, born once and now old, can deliverance come for Israel’s teacher grown cold?

Who is this man, the Kingdom’s King? And with whom and to whom will His Kingdom bring?

This man knows my mind, questions hang with queried force, from whence He comes, and from where is His source?

The Kingdom comes how? Will it be mine to possess? I haven’t a clue, I helpless confess.

I should know these things, I’m Pharisee trained, and I’ve never learned of a Kingdom arranged.

His response is upsetting, two wombs must be? One birth binds to man, the other sets free?

The Spirit a sovereign, the wind blows where He will, in my own mind I’m dead and one birth remains still.

I’m a man and not a child, this talk is absurd, and yet something rings true in the sound of His word.

The Spirit must birth, ere the Kingdom is lost; what must I do to unburden this cost?

This Law’s lawkeeper now bent, bowed under its weight, condemned now my lot is sealed as my fate.

Whose word can command, and bring life out of death? Alas, new life like a very first breath.

One word sets free, good news now believed, one birth falls short, but in two life is received.

The sovereign Wind moves where He will, no boasting allowed, grace alone brings mercy to one arrogant and proud.

Moses saw the serpent raised, a Cross lifted brings life, new birth dawns to an old man full of strife.

Whose stony heart can change? What can make this heart flesh? Only one brings a sign of making men fresh.

The Law’s sentinel at long last, has the Kingdom now seen, the Kingdom’s King is here in Whose presence I’ve been.

- Dan Morse, Nicodemus' Query, Advent 2009

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